Ameo Powerbreather Wave Snorkel Review 2017

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mathias ocklenburg weigner
Mathias Ocklenburg weigner

Years ago, a German company was born by the invention of an enthusiastic swimmer: Mathias Weigner. Mathias Weigner who then living in the Balearic Islands developed this breathing technique idea for snorkeling: Ameo Powerbreather Wave Snorkel.

If you are looking for an efficient snorkel that changes traditional contemporary snorkeling techniques and enhances your breathing abilities in the water without much effort, then you should try the Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition Snorkel. The Powerbreather wave is manufactured by Ameo.

Mathias Weigner’s  idea was very exceptional and attracted investors, engineers and designers to build a company around it. The idea is their unique Ameo Fresh Air System which has been patented. The smart valve system clears exhalation and inhalation.

With other classic snorkels, exhaled air stays in the system which makes more carbondioxide inhaled again in the system. This causes low performances in swimming and strength. The Ameo Fresh Air System passes exhaled air and moisture to the outside that makes breathable air stays rich in oxygen and dry.

The system works in a top-down direction as to the air flowing in from the top two tubes and flowing to the bottom for the snorkeler to breathe in and after breathing in, the Co2 exhaled flows down the bottom of the snorkeler as demonstrated in figure 1.

ameo fresh air system
Figure 1. Ameo FreshAir Patented System

Ameo has sold more than 80% of its current products on Amazon and more than 60% on eBay.

The powerbreather is an exceptional snorkel purposely designed to do one simple thing: Helps you breathe fresh air while your head is in the water as long as your strength of swimming can take you in any direction or distance.

With Powerbreather, you don’t have to clear your snorkel. You just have to focus on your swimming and the snorkel will do the rest.

The difference between other conventional snorkels and the Ameo powerbreather is the power to inhale and exhale through two completely separate channels doubling your breathing power and making sure that only fresh oxygen enters your mouth to your lungs.

Then another technique which makes the valve prevents water from entering by using diffusers. This makes breathing in the water as natural as can be.

The following video is linked from the official channel of Ameo on Youtube. It clearly describes in depth how this powerful snorkel product works.


  • Fresh air dry oxygen flows in from the top of the snorkel to your mouth and carbon dioxide Co2 from outside from the bottom.
  • No gurgling noise and no water coming through the top vents. It is only air that comes in through the vents and saliva squeeze out the bottom.
  • Fully featured wave edition with caps for flip which turns and open water with extended speed vents for extra choppy water.
  • Open water swimming for freestyle, breast butterfly and sidestroke.

What is inside the box
ameo-powerbreather-22401The unit comes in a zip-up hard case with pouches and inserts to safely store the unit in when you are not in the water. In the Wave Edition hard case you get:

  • 1 x Powerbreather
  • 2 Speed Vent Small size
  • 2 Speed Vent Large size
  • 2 Flip Cap
  • 1 Blind cap

More Description:

The Ameo Powerbreather wave is a designed symmetrically with two pipes joining at the bottom end which has an edge with an opening to connect the snorkelers mouth. Air is breathed through the end hole of the snorkelers mouth which is generated from the two ends of the symmetric two rubber pipes.

With this type of snorkel, you don’t have to turn your head upon the water to inhale. The top valves on the tube will open briefly for inhaling and stay closed after to keep water from entering your mouth or lungs.

Even though this type of snorkel is not for scuba diving, you can literally hold your breath, deep dive, and come up in a while to inhale. It is also made to work in hostile conditions like in high current wave.

Saliva, and other water, a substance may enter the tube while you breathe but will be driven down the two symmetric tubes to the bottom of the valve without entering your mouth.

This type of snorkel is suitable for recreational swimmers, triathletes, para-athletes and endless pools for general snorkeling.
Check out another video review by Flex Swim. Flex did a great visual review about the Ameo and anyone who hasn’t seen how this genius product works should watch.




Speed Vent:
The technology prevents water from entering while you breathe. Options are available to add resistance for respiratory training.

Easy Fit Air Junction:
This is a quick-positioning mouthpiece which brings D-TUBES into proper position for maximum fit and comfort.

Twist Lock System:
This is easy to use dial adjustment which ensures a custom ergonomic fit to reduce pain, increase comfort and stays secure during flips and turns.

These are the symmetrical or dual tubes which are shaped for comfort and are used for intake only. The outtake will flow to the bottom.


According to OC Adam on Amazon, when you swim like 100 times with this powerbreather snorkel, they might appear to be some small mist of water in the breathing air. Oc’s solution was to clean the rubber valve and it mitigated to another 40 laps before bouncing back.

ameo powerbreather swimming

So it appears one flaw of the Powerbreather is the small mist of water that might rush through the rubber valves after 40 laps.

Anyway, I don’t personally think this should be a major drawback to why someone shouldn’t buy try their hands on this piece.

After all, it might be better than some other snorkeling sets.
UPDATE: According to Oc Adam again, he mailed Ameo, who are the manufacturers of the snorkel product.

And according to them, this problem occurred to the first batch of the product. However, it has been rectified and no longer prevails.

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